Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Brother from Another Planet

Brother from Another Planet was a movie we started watching in class that kind of sparked my interest, so I looked further into it. Its certainly different from the usual alien set up. The protagonist escaped from another planet and wound up homeless on the streets of New York. He's picked up by a local family, and doesn't speak or communicate much. However he does have telekinetic powers which he uses for various reasons. It's particularly humorous how the arcade owner uses him to fix all of the broken arcade machines with his alien powers. Its not often to see an alien character disguised in this manner in a movie. Also, the "Men in Black" which are typically an alien hunters are also kind of spoofed in this story as well. They are in fact aliens as well and are dressed undercover to take this brother back to another planet with them. What I found interesting too is that the men in black are oblivious to skin color unlike the human characters within the film. They reference "three toes" as a way to convey that people having different skin color is no different than people having different numbers of toes. I think it was a nice underlying meaning to promote racial harmony, considering I think there was still issues of that in the 80's. A very interesting representation of an alien story to say the least!

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